How to Download IPTV on TCL Smart TV

IPTV on TCL Smart TV
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IPTV is one of the Best methods to stream movies TV programs live TV channels and more throw the internet. Compared with IPTV, that cable and satellite networks or more expensive. IPTV service providers offer M3U URLs and Xtreme content to access IPTV content.

Nowadays, most of us IPTV service providers stream live TV channels movies and more. It also comes with an Affordable price compared to The case of IPTV You only need an Internet connection on you can stream it anytime and anywhere.

IPTV is compatible with lots of devices like Android, iOS, Firestick, LG TV, and more. Luckily TCL Smart TV is also compatible with streaming IPTV content.

IPTV applications are available on their app store. So you can easily download the IPTV apps from the App Store on your TCL Smart TV. If you are using TCL Roku TV then you can mirror the smartphone screen on your TV to watch your IPTV content.

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Here in this particular tutorial, I am going to guide you to download and install IPTV for TCL Smart TV. So keep reading this complete tutorial without any skip and install IPTV on TCL TV.

How to install IPTV on TCL Smart TV?

Before going to install IPTV on your smart TV just get a smart IP TV subscription from the official website.

  • Turn on your TCL Android TV and connect it to stable Wi-Fi.
  • Go to the Google Play Store and type smart IPTV in the search bar.

IPTV on TCL Smart TV

  • Find the official Smart IPTV¬†¬† application from the search result.
  • Click the install button to complete the installation process.
  • That’s it. The smart IPTV app is successfully installed on your TCL Android TV.

How to get IPTV on TCL Google TV?

  • On the home screen and select the apps section at the top.
  • Locate at select the search for apps section and type IPTV in the search box.

IPTV on TCL Smart TV

  • Select the official application and click on the install button.
  • The IPTV app is installed on your TCL Google TV.

How to activate smart IPTV on TCL TV?

Once you complete the installation process then you need to activate the app on your TCL Smart TV. Follow the below simple steps that help to activate the smart IP TV.

  • Open the smart IPTV app on your TCL Android TV or TCL Google TV.
  • Now you need to know the Mac address displayed on your TV screen.
  • Visit the smart IPTV activation website and enter the address.

IPTV on TCL Smart TV

  • Click the send button to activate the app on TCL Smart TV.
  • Once you activated then you will receive a popup message with the “1 URL added, Restart your app”.
  • Now just refresh the smart IPTV app on your TCL TV and watch all your favorite videos.

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How to stream IPTV on TCL Roku TV?

We all know that Roku does not have any IP TV applications on its channel Store. If you want to get IPTV on your TCL Roku tv then you can use the screen mirroring method.

Once you choose the screen mirroring method then you must turn on the screen mirroring or the airplay option on the Roku-connected TV.

  • Android –screen mirroring on Roku
  • iPhone- Airplay on Roku
  • Turn on your TCL Roku tv to stable Wi-Fi same as your smartphone.
  • For Android users, Go to the notification panel and tap the cast icon then select TCL TV from the list
  • For iOS users, Go to the control center and select the screen mirroring icon.
  • Now you need to select TCL TV from the list.
  • That’s it. Now the smartphone screen will Mirror your TCL Roku tv.
  • Open the Play Store or App store on your smartphone and install your smart IP TV player.
  • Once you complete the installation then you can play any content on your TV.

How to download IPTV on TCL Linux TV?

  • On your TCL Linux TV and choose apps then select the search icon.
  • Now you need to type SS IPTV using the onscreen keyboard.
  • Select the official application from the search result and click the install button.
  • That’s it. The SS IPTV app will be installed on your TCL Linux TV.
  • Once you completed installation just go to settings and select content on the left panel.

IPTV on TCL Smart TV

  • At the button and enter the M3U URL given by your IP TV service provider.
  • Click the save button and wait for the content to load.
  • That’s it. Now you can play TV channels and watch them on your TCL Linux TV.

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These are the best methods that help to download IPTV on TCL Smart TV. If you have any queries regarding this article feel free to ask using the command box action. Thanks for reading this article. Keep in touch with us for more tech updates.