How to connect Bluetooth Speaker to Mac?

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Are you trying to connect Bluetooth speaker to your Mac? Are you searching for the best base to connect bluetooth speaker to Mac? Here we provide step by step procedures to connect bluetooth speaker to Mac with very simple steps. Keep reading this complete article and you will find the best ways to connect Bluetooth speaker to Mac.

There are lots of Bluetooth speakers are available in the internet market but still Apple devices have the best speakers compared to any other competitors. That’s why most of them recommended to buying apple devices. You can easily connect speakers through wires or wireless. There are different ways to connect speaker to Bluetooth.

Without any physical connection you can easily connect bluetooth speaker with the help of bluetooth feature. Before connecting a Bluetooth speaker with Mac you should pair them properly. Otherwise you won’t be able to hear the sound. Suggest follow this below steps and connect with Bluetooth speaker properly.

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Step by step procedures to connect bluetooth speaker to Mac:

  • At first turn on your Bluetooth device. It is very important to connect bluetooth speaker.
  • Once you turn on your Bluetooth device it will detect devices while searching for bluetooth device.
  • Now click on the settings icon on your bluetooth device.
  • Inside settings you will see the option called Bluetooth.
  • Just click on the option. The Bluetooth options may be either on or off state.
  • Once you turn on the Bluetooth of your Mac device, it will automatically search for nearby Bluetooth enable devices.
Blueooth speaker to Mac
Blueooth speaker to Mac
  • See the list of Bluetooth devices on right side of the screen.
  • You can also connect option just near each device.
  • Just click on the connect button and pad with your Mac device.
  • Once you completing pair option than you can easily connect.
  • Just click on show Bluetooth in menu bar option you can quickly add or remove devices without doing whole steps.

We hope this article very helps to find the best ways to connect Bluetooth speaker on your Mac device. If you have any queries regarding this article just feel free to ask us.