Google Meet for PC Windows 7,8,10 & Mac

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Google Meet for PC: Google Meet is a free video-conferencing application which is developed by Google. Using Google products is very safe and secure. That’s why most of them satisfying with this application. Google LLC launches a new video conferencing app with amazing features.

This application is an update of the Google Hangout that most of the people know about this. Google Meet has come a time when the world conferencing shaken. Yes, the world economy very bad because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social distancing is the order of the day so the only way to get communicate with other people is a virtual conference. Of course, the virtual conference is not a new thing and people have always used video calling on the internet.

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Lots of Video conference publications available in the internet market but here we are going to discuss more Google Meet application and its features. With the help of this application, you can do with virtual Meetings and conferences. So keep reading this complete tutorial to get some useful information about Google Meet for PC.

Overview of Google Meet:

Google Meet is the most popular and affordable video conferencing tool that businesses can use to carry out their conference. This Application is available on android and IOS users. You can directly download the application from Google play store for free. With the help of the application, you can invite up to 250 people depending on your plan.

Google Meet for PC
Google Meet for PC

If you want to join Meeting can you can also be considered using Google Chrome extension. It is also very effective and helps to join or start a Meeting. You can also install this application on your smartphone for a better experience.

Most of the time, the people who use Gmail at their common means of communication then you will definitely love Google Meet application because it is located just at the top of Google Hangout. Compared to hangouts chat you can invite more people in Google Meet.

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Benefits of Google Meet:

Google Meet comes with lots of amazing features. Here we share the best features offered by Google Meet listed below.

  • It is a very simple interface and easy to use. You can easily invite people with the help of an inevitable link.
  • At the same time, you can invite you to join more people from all around the world.
  • Google Meet is developed for the Meeting on video conferencing. This Application also helps the education system to teach online classes.
  • You can join in Meeting to create a conference of up to 250 people.
  • You do not have to worry if the participant has the right account on the plugin.
  • Meet also synchronizes with G-suite very well.
  • Google Meet application is work on Android and iOS devices.
  • With the help of this application, anyone can join a Meeting even without Wi-Fi or internet.

These are the best features of Google Meet for PC. This feature helps to allow to flawless conference Meeting and chat.

Google Meet setup:

Once you install this application on your smartphone then you can easily access this app. You have dedicated yourself to Google to make a service plan setting. It is available on Chrome extension that helps you can easily access your browser to join a Meeting whether you are using this app on PC or laptop.

Google Meet is available on Android and iOS users. So you can easily install it on your smartphone to join the Meeting using this app. If you want to create a Meeting or conference then you will need to create a date with Google calendar and then you need to send an invite link to your friends and participants.

Once your participants get the link then they will click on the link to join the conference. If participants do not use any internet then you need to send them dial number and link and dial the number to join the Meeting.

Google Meet interface:

Google Meet App providing you simple user-friendly interface. So that you won’t get any complicated. Just a single tab you can make to create a conference or Meeting. Google Meet interface is very attractive and effective. So you make Start conversation very easy.

Google Meet application can handle a large number of participants without any interruptions. With the help of a screen share feature, you can share the screen with multiple participants. It is the coolest to feature in this application.

Google Meet pricing:

As I mentioned earlier, Google Meet is a part of G-Suite, and we all know that g suite is expensive. Below we will discuss the different pricing levels of Google Meet.


Cost: $6 a month

Participants: 100

Cloud Storage: 30 GB

Support: 24/7 via email or phone

Programs: Gmail, email application, Meeting conference, Google docs, sharing calendars, short notes, and many more.


Cost: $12 per month

Support: 24/7 via email or phone

Participants 150

Cloud storage: Unlimited

Programs: All basic plants and search features throughout G-suite.


Cost: $25 per month

Support: 24/7 email or phone.

Meet participants 250

Cloud Storage: unlimited

Program: All of the business plans and added security features.

How to download the Google Meet app for PC?

Google Meet is a smartphone application available on Google Play Store. You can also download this application from the iTunes App Store for iPhone users. We all know that many Android applications cannot download directly on the PC version.

Google Meet for PC
Google Meet for PC

With the help of Android emulators on the Internet, you can download and install Android apps on PC. There are lots of Android emulators available on the internet market but I suggest BlueStacks Android Emulator install Google Meet app on your PC Windows.

  • Download the BlueStacks Android Emulator from its official website.
  • Once you reach the official web page of BlueStacks then you will see the different options such as Windows or Mac.
  • Select your PC version and click on the download button. Once you click the download button it will be automatically downloaded on your PC.
  • Open the .exe file folder of BlueStacks Android Emulator and double click to start the installation process.
  • It is a very simple process to complete the installation process of BlueStacks with the help of following on-screen instruction.
  • Now you need to enter your Gmail ID and password that helps to access the Google Play Store via BlueStacks.
  • Open the Google Play Store and type as Google Meet on the search bar.
  • Click on the install button to complete the installation process of Google Meet for PC Windows and Mac.
  • That’s it. Now you can enjoy all the features of the Google Meet app on your PC Windows.


Google Meet is a fantastic video conferencing app. It is also the most popular video conferencing app these days. So without any hesitate just install this app on your PC Windows.