How to Fix Amazon Prime Video App not Working on iPhone?

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Do you want to fix the Amazon Prime video not working on iPhone? Is Amazon Prime Video not playing on iPhone? Are you trying to fix Amazon Prime video not loading on iOS mobile on iPad? If your answer is yes then you are in the perfect blog. Here in this tutorial, I am going to guide you to fix the Amazon Prime video not working on iPhone.

Our technical team provides this method and also here list out some troubleshooting tips that can help you to fix this problem. We always provide to solve tech-related issues on PC and smartphone gadgets.

In that way, today we are going to provide some important troubleshooting tips that you can use to fix Amazon Prime video not loading on iOS phones.

There are thousands of reasons behind these issues. it is a very difficult task to find the best solution in the internet market. You can search on the search engine and you will get lots of content. So people try to find the best one.

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About Amazon Prime Video:

In recent times, OTT-based platforms become more popular. People have become dependent on this platform like Amazon Prime video which helps to watch the latest program and movies.

If you are a movie lover then Amazon Prime is the best app for you. Once you install Amazon prime on your device then you will get the latest movies and TV programs. You can also watch your favorite movies with high resolution.

Why Prime video app is not playing on iPhone?

There are lots of reasons behind these issues. One of the common reasons for the Prime video app not working is an unstable internet connection. If your network is very slow and you get stuck on the homepage. In that situation, people think that the Amazon Prime video is not playing.

Another reason is outdated the Amazon Prime video app. So we always recommended installing the latest version to update the Amazon Prime video app on iPhone.

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Fix Amazon Prime video is not working on iPhone:

Now let’s see the troubleshooting process that helps to fix Amazon Prime video not playing or loading on iPhone.

Restart the iPhone:

It is one of the common troubleshooting methods to fix all the issues. Once you’re restarting the device the issues may be fixed. You can just try it.

  • Press the side button of the iPhone.
  • On the next screen, you will be redirected to the next option like slide to power off.
  • Restart the iPhone and again press the side button.
  • Now login to the Amazon Prime video app and check if you can watch the video without any issues.

Force close Prime video app and relaunch:

If you find the app unresponsive then you can try to force closing the app and reopening it. This trick also works to fix the Amazon Prime video app not playing.

  • Just double-tap the home button and open the app switcher.
  • Scroll to the prime app card hold and swipe it up to close it.

  • After a few seconds open the app again and access your Amazon Prime video.
  • Check if the app is now working fine or not.
  • If you are facing the issues again then try other troubleshooting methods.

Update Amazon Prime video app:

We always recommended updating the apps to their latest version. The developers always fix the bug and launch the latest version. So you always try to update your app.

  • Access the Apple App store and Tab on the Apple id in the upper right corner.
  • Now you can browse through the list of apps that are waiting to receive updates.

  • If Amazon Prime video is listed there then just update your app.
  • Once you update the application then you can step up to the latest version.
  • Now the Amazon Prime app works well.

Check the internet connection:

If you are using public Wi-Fi, you need to check your internet speed. People may forget to turn on the internet connection. Before going to open the Amazon Prime video app check the internet connection and internet speed.

Due to the low speed of the internet connection the Amazon Prime video home page not loading. So we always recommended a high-speed internet connection to stream Prime video content.

Remove content restrictions for Amazon Prime:

It is another troubleshooting method that helps to fix the prime video app not loading on iPhone.

  • Go to the settings and tap on screen time.
  • Now you need to select content and privacy restrictions.
  • Tap on content restrictions.

  • Go to apps and select allow all apps.
  • That’s it. Now you can enjoy all types of content on Amazon Prime without any restriction.

Stop using VPN:

If you watch streaming content on the Prime video app then you must disable the VPN. This app allows you to watch streaming content in your region. Some people use VPNs for changing their region. That’s why the Amazon Prime video does not load when you are using VPN.

  • Go to settings and scroll to VPN.
  • Tap the switch to disable it.

  • Now you can use the Amazon Prime video app without any interruptions.

Sign out Amazon Prime video and sign in again:

It is one of the common troubleshooting methods that helps to fix the amazon app unresponsive.

  • Open the Amazon Prime video app.
  • Go to my stuff at the bottom right corner.
  • Now go to my account and select sign out.

  • Again you need to log in to your account by entering your details.
  • Now you can check whether the app works well or not.

Uninstall and reinstall the prime video app:

  • It is Another common method to fix the prime video apps not loading on iPhone.
  • Open the iOS app library and locate the Amazon Prime video app.
  • Just long-press on the app and select the delete option.

  • Now go to the app store and find the Amazon Prime video app.
  • Select the application and install it.
  • Login to your account and open the app on your iPhone.
  • Now the Amazon Prime video app works well.


I hope these above all troubleshooting tips will be sufficient to fix Amazon Prime video not loading or walking on iPhone. You can try them out and let me know your comments in the comment box section. Thanks for reading this article. Keep in touch with us for more Tech updates. Also please follow us on social media platforms.