How to Fix Windows 11 Bluetooth Connectivity Issues? – Find Here!

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Hi folks, welcome to the tech blog. Are you facing issues connecting with Windows 11 Bluetooth? Are you searching for the best way to fix Windows 11 Bluetooth connectivity issue? If your answer is yes, then you are in the perfect place. Here in this article, the solution to fix Bluetooth not working or not connecting issue for windows 11.

We all know that Windows 11 is the latest OS that supports various peripheral devices. It also supports Bluetooth devices. With the help of this feature, we can easily connect various devices including Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth keyboards, or sharing files with smartphones to PC.

Bluetooth is the main Federal device that helps to access wireless devices on laptops or PC. In some cases, there are issues starting with devices and files not being sent or received via Bluetooth device. There are many users including me use Bluetooth daily. Sometimes we have to face Bluetooth issues. Yes, due to faulty drivers or the problem itself with the third-party peripheral devices. In this article, we will start troubleshooting steps that help to fix Bluetooth not working on Windows 11.

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Just follow this method and fix Bluetooth issues on Windows 11. Before following these troubleshooting steps I recommend you give your PC a restart. Now let’s see the methods to fix Bluetooth not working on PC Windows 11.

Method 1: Enable Bluetooth on PC:

Sometimes it happened. Yes, many users including me enabling Bluetooth on our PC and a result you are not able to connect it our device via Bluetooth. In this case, we can easily fix this problem to disable Bluetooth and enable it again. Also, be sure to disable airplane mode on your PC.

Method 2: Add Bluetooth devices:

Sometimes we just install Windows 11 on our PC but it does not mean all our previous Bluetooth devices are still pairing on our PC. We need to re-add all your Bluetooth devices like keyboard Mike headphones and others.

Steps to add your peripheral device:

Windows 11 Bluetooth Connectivity Issues
Windows 11 Bluetooth Connectivity Issues
  • Open Windows 11 setting and navigate to Bluetooth and devices option.
  • Now you need to click on add device option.
  • Choose the appropriate category of Bluetooth device you wish to connect.
Windows 11 Bluetooth Connectivity Issues
Windows 11 Bluetooth Connectivity Issues
  • Just follow the steps then you can easily connect your Bluetooth device.

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Murder 3: Change power saving option:

We all know that our savings is a major role in how a PC consumes a battery. If you are enabled the powers construction mod then it will disable Bluetooth functionality on PC to save power battery. Once you change the settings according to your need then it works very well.

Steps to change power saving option in Windows 11:

  • Open the Windows 11 settings and go to the system option.
Fix Bluetooth issue
Fix Bluetooth issue
  • Just select the power and battery option.
  • Now you need to click on the battery saver option.
Fix Bluetooth issue
Fix Bluetooth issue
  • Just select never as an option and now the battery saver will not have any effect on Bluetooth devices.

Methods 4: Restart Bluetooth service:

Windows 11 OS is very user-friendly and it provides lots of separate features that enable all the services for your PC. With the help of this option, you can easily start or end any service including Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Steps to restart Bluetooth service:

  • Just open the windows search for under type service.
Restart Bluetooth device
Restart Bluetooth device
  • Make sure to run the app in administrator mode.
  • It might ask for your PC password to do so.
  • Just search for Bluetooth services and restart them one by one.

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Method 5: Update Bluetooth drivers:

Of course, Windows 11 OS comes with pre-installed bundles of drivers which will help you complete the initial setup of the PC. This includes Wi-Fi drivers, Bluetooth drivers, keyboards, and display drivers. So you don’t need to worry about installing individual drivers for your need. But in some cases, we have issues regarding the PC models for laptop models. So we need to uninstall or update our driver’s software.

Steps to install updated Bluetooth drivers:

Update drivers
Update drivers
  • Open the windows 11 search bar and go to devise manager.
  • Now you need to find the connected Bluetooth hardware.
  • Just right-click on Bluetooth hardware and select the Update driver option.
  • If you have a good internet connection then you can easily update the Bluetooth driver.

Method 6: Run Bluetooth troubleshooter:

Windows 11 OS has an inbuilt troubleshooters system that can help to fix any potential problems including Bluetooth. So just troubleshoot Bluetooth and fix Bluetooth not working on Windows 11.

Steps to troubleshoot Bluetooth:

Troubleshoot Bluetooth
Troubleshoot Bluetooth
  • Open the Windows 11 search bar and search for Bluetooth troubleshooter
  • Run the troubleshooter and wait for it fixes possible issues.
  • It will take few minutes to complete.

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Bluetooth connectivity issues are very common with Windows 11 devices. This problem is mostly due to drivers tissue or some mismatching peripheral devices. If you are facing issues with Bluetooth not working on Windows 11 then you can follow this method and fix this issue.

I hope this article very helps to get some useful information about how to fix the Windows 11 Bluetooth connectivity issue? If you have any queries regarding this article please feel free to drop your comment in the comment box section. Thanks for reading this article.