7 Best Free Grammarly Alternatives You Can Use

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Grammarly Alternatives: We all know that Grammarly is the most popular online service that offers grammar assistant while writing on the web. It is very helpful to write on the web without grammar mistakes. That’s why people recommended this tool.

Of course, it is completely free for all. There are lots of amazing free versions of Grammarly alternatives available in the chrome web store. So it is a very difficult task to find the best alternative for Grammarly.

You can use Grammarly on your computer. It is very suitable for those people who write on the web. In this article, we are providing a list of services like Grammarly which are free or affordable premium plans. So you can use any one of them based on your need and enjoy the features.

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Best free Grammarly alternative:

Our technical team already tested and we have mentioned the top best Grammarly alternative here. These tools are free or premium. If you are focusing on more features then you can purchase the premium version of these tools.


LanguageTool is the best and unique online grammar checker and it is the perfect alternative to Grammarly. It is not a completely free service but it has a free modal at Grammarly. Yes, with the help of the free version you can check the errors and correct them. It does not require creating an account and also it checks for punctuation and writing styles.


I mentioned earlier, the language tool is not free that has a limitation of 10,000 characters for text under the free version. If you want to move feature then you get the premium service for $4.9 per month. Why I recommended this tool over Grammarly it’s the premium version of the price is very affordable.

Do you want to move features and access the amazing features in the language tool then you can purchase the premium service? Yes, it has only $4.9 per month compared to $11 for months for Grammarly. That’s why I recommend this tool and it is the best free Grammarly alternative.

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ProWritingAid is another Grammarly alternative that offers both free and premium versions. It does not have limitations in the free version. It is just like Grammarly’s future and performs grammar and spelling checker.


If you want to use this feature on your PC then you can install the ProWritingAid extension. Once you create an account then you can use the free version of this tool. But keep in mind it does not have a web editor.

If you want to access some of the Other app extensions like Google Docs for Microsoft Office will only work with paid subscriptions. The premium version provides lots of Amazing unique features and it provides an affordable price. You can Get this premium version starts at $20 per month.

Ginger: (Apps Like Grammarly)

Ginger is the most popular alternative to Grammarly that provides a free and premium version. Just like Grammarly, it provides lots of Amazing features. Ginger uses an AI-powered model to replace the sentence like synonyms and more.


It can also help you get a creative writing style compared to others. One of the coolest features of this application provides compatibility with almost every text field. So it does not matter what you are writing on Twitter, Facebook, Google Docs it will work. That’s why we strongly recommended this extension for you.

Once you use Ginger on your PC then you can definitely feel it is the same as Grammarly. I personally use this extension and it has lots of unique features. You will get $6.2 per month for the premium version.

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It is not just like a grammar checker but it is also an AI-based writing assistant the helps you improve your writing skill. It is one of the coolest features on this list. The main part of this extension is it offers a free service and provides a spell grammar checker.


There are lots of amazing unique features available in this extension like autocomplete suggestions. You can download and install this extension on your PC and you will get almost every text field on the web except for Microsoft Office 365.

If you want to use Microsoft Office 365 then you need to install a separate add-on to make it works on your office documents. sapling uses deep learning technology to suggest smart recommendations while you write on the web. It is completely free and the best alternative to Grammarly. You will get more features when you purchase the premium subscription starts at $25 per month.

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Hemingway editor: (Apps Like Grammarly)

Hemingway editor is also an excellent alternative to Grammarly. It allows you to edit text on documents directly on the web without asking you to install an extension or addon on your chrome browser. It is the coolest feature in this extension. So without any doubt, you can use this Extension and edit your text directly on the web.

Hemingway Editor
Hemingway Editor

It also provides six parameters to judge your writing style. Only a few extensions provide this feature. In that way, Hemingway editor provides this amazing unique feature and it detects adverbs in your content. It also provides a readability score so you will get an idea of where your text stands in the terms and conditions.

Hemingway Editor is available on both free and premium versions. If you want to dedicated application for Windows 10 you can purchase the premium version at $20 for a one-time purchase. Once you purchase the premium version then you will get more amazing features.

Outwrite:(Grammarly Alternatives)

It is the simple and easiest way to check your grammar directly on the web. Yes. outwrite is a grammar checker that provides lots of Amazing features like basic proofreading under the free version. It also has a premium version with amazing features. Based on your need you can select your plan.


It also likes Grammarly the free version that supports spell checking basic grammar and punctuation checking and more. One of the coolest features of this extension is that you have a web-editor where you can paste your text instantly.

You will get this tool from the Chrome extension and a separate add-in for Microsoft Word. If you want to get more features then you can purchase the premium version then you will get eloquence improvement, sentence writing, and many more. The premium subscription plans start at $10 per month.

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It is also one of the best alternatives to Grammarly. Grammark is a free open-source alternative to Grammarly then you can enjoy these features. Once you install this extension on your browser then you will get more amazing features like Grammarly. It is a simple grammar checker tool that lets you paste the text into the web app.


Grammark does not detect errors and explains what you need to change to make your writing style. It focuses on passive voice sentence length transition style of writing grammar Spell-checker and more.

If you are a beginner then you will definitely use Grammar. It quickly identifies the error and suggests the recommendation. So without any hesitation to use this tool and enjoy the feature.


So these are the 7 best free Grammarly alternatives. You can use any one of them based on your need to improve your writing style. I hope this article very helps to find the best free Grammarly alternative. If you have any queries regarding this article let us know in the comment box section. Thanks for reading this article. Keep in touch with us for more updates on follow us on social media platforms.