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Are you looking for the best VPN that helps to accept the visited websites? Are you looking for a VPN that could guarantee your safety? If your answer is yes then you are in the perfect place. iTop VPN is an excellent VPN that helps you freedom on the internet and protecting your informations from others. Once you install this VPN on your device then you get access to any content.

Overview of iTop VPN:

iTop VPN is one of the coolest VPNs that helps to protect your online information. It is developed by a leading VPN provider Top Notch VPN Service. The main target of this VPN is to ensure that people’s freedom on surfing the internet. Without any hesitate you can access any content with the help of this software.

iTop VPN
iTop VPN

iTop VPN is available on various platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. You can download this application from google play Store and iPhone App Store. If you want to install this software on your PC then you can visit the official website and download the latest version of iTop VPN.

Access any content:

We all are facing some websites that will be blocked and not getting information from them. Once you install a good VPN on your device then it will help you to access any content and any information you need. We all know that a virtual private network is the best way to access any content without any restriction.

iTop VPN
iTop VPN

Once you install this VPN on your device then it will act as tunneled between your device on the website you want to access. Yes, iTop VPN helps you access any blocked website safely and it will protect your private information from hackers and scammers on the internet. So you do not worry about your safety.

Hide your IP address:

iTop VPN helps you hide your IP address and protect your private information. Once you hide your IP address then you can mask your real IP address. This feature helps to protect your online transactions. With the help of this VPN, you can also manually select your IP address based on your need.

If you are using transactions through the internet then you need to install VPN. Yes, it is very risky to keep your IP address exposed in public. Some hackers or scammers find your IP address and can easily track your work online transaction.

Live stream your favorite programs:

There are lots of reasons and several problems, you can’t watch your favorite programs in your country. Of course, the content available depends on the location. Once you install iTop VPN on your device then you can replace your IP address with the particular IP address of the server you connect to watch your favorite program.

If you want to watch a program related to a certain region then you need to install iTop VPN on your device and connect to that particular region. Of course, iTop VPN automatically replaces the IP address based on your need. With a single click, you can easily select your IP address. For example, Netflix provides different programs and movies in different countries. Will allow you to access the program you want and watch any program.

Safe and secure:

Nowadays, very difficult to protect our online privacy. Your private information and sensitive data may be exposed by hackers and collected for advertisers to build ads. So you need To protect your private information from hackers and scammers. iTop VPN will solve the problem. Yes, it will allow you to surf the internet very safely.

Unlimited bandwidth:

iTopVPN provides unlimited bandwidth. Sometimes you may be limited to screen your favorite movies when you get the band with a gap. With the help of this iTop VPN, you can watch any programs on download any files with unlimited bandwidth.

Play PUBG game:

Unfortunately, the most popular PUBG game ditch the service selection feature. So it is a very difficult task to find people to match with players from servers worldwide. Without the help of a VPN, you can play only match with players depending on your location. If you want to play other countries’ PUBG players then you need to install iTop VPN on your device.

PUBG Game using iTop VPN
PUBG Game using iTop VPN

Once you Install iTop VPN on your device then it will help you to improve your PUBG experience by connecting with players from other regions worldwide. With the help of this iTop VPN, you can also able to customize your character and weapons in the PUBG experience online.


iTop VPN kills a switch to act as a monitor for your internet connection. It is one of the coolest features of this product. Killswitch option that quickly switches off your internet access when the VPN connection suddenly drops. It is automatic on you do not have to activate it yourself after the connection of iTop VPN. After installing this VPN you will be free from the fear of leakage.

iTop VPN also provides anti-malware protection in the form of its security feature as well as browser privacy. With the help of this option, it automatically clean up your browser traces in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and more.

Plans and pricing:

iTop VPN provides different plan features based on your need. It will give you the freedom to choose the plan. If you do not want to pay for the submission you can do the 7-day trial that iTopVPN provides. If you have satisfied with this service then you can cancel the subscription within 7 days.

iTop VPN monthly subscription business at $11.99 per month. If you select the one-year option then the cost is only $2.31 per month.

iTop VPN also provides its basic service for free but it has limited to 700 MB per day and only 16 servers. The free version of the iTop VPN cannot unblock geographically restricted streaming services.

How to get iTop VPN app for PC Windows android and iOS?

As I mentioned earlier, iTop VPN is available on various platforms including Windows Android, and iOS. If you are using an Android smartphone then you can be downloading it from Google Play Store.

iTop VPN for PC
iTop VPN for PC

You can visit the Official website of iTop VPN then you can download the latest version and install it on Windows, Android, and iOS devices.


Nowadays, VPN is the best and most popular tool in our world. Without it, you cannot unblock the restricted websites in your region and you may never watch your favorite program. Hackers and scammers may track your online activity. That’s why we said, a virtual private network is the most important tool.

There are lots of Amazing VPNs available in internet marketing. So you need to select one that suits your need. iTop VPN is the best choice for you. It also provides lots of Amazing features. So without any hesitate to install iTop VPN on your device. I hope this article is very helpful to get some useful information about iTop VPN and its features. Thanks for reading this article. Keep in touch with us for more Tech updates.