Jio 5G: Plans, SIM, Launch Date, Speed Test

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Jio 5G: If you want to know everything about Jio 5G then you are in the perfect blog. Here we provide full detailed information about Jio 5G and also highlight plans, sim launch date, City, and speed test for Jio 5G.

We all know that Jio has launched the Jio 5G on Dussehra in selected cities.  Jio provides a high-speed internet connection. In that way, people like to move on from the 2G, 3G, 4G, to the 5G network. That’s why people like to get information about Jio 5G.

The 5G network is in beta mode, so it is not available for every user. This guide will answer all your questions about Jio 5G. So keep reading this complete tutorial and get the all detailed information about Jio 5G. People search for the cities where the 5G is launched, the speed of the 5G network, and how it is different from the 4G network. And more. Don’t worry here we provide answers to all your questions.

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The Jio 5G network will use 5G Technology. It means if you have Jio 5G phone then you don’t have 5gs you won’t be able to use 5G features. Don’t worry about this, the Smartphone manufacturers can fix it by launching an OTT update.

Jio 5G: Sim launch date plans cities speed test:

We all know that Jio 4G provides a high-speed internet connection. So what about the Jio 5G network? It will use the mixer in the band of the spectrum from 700MHZ to 26GHz. We are very proud to say Jio is the only network that will give 700 Mhz spectrum and provide you great Indo coverage. That’s why people like Jio.

We already told Jio will use 5G SA technology which means standalone Technology. So the 5G network will use the 4G cores to function.

Jio 5G launch date:

Jio has already started the 5G testing of its uses. The testing started on the 5th of October and it is available with a 1gbps speed. Jio officially said that once the beta testing is done Jio will launch the 5G for all users with 5G handsets with 5G enabled. Jio promised to give 5G to every City once the bitter trial is done.

Jio 5G

On the 5th of October, launch the beta program for 5G in the four main cities in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Varanasi. Once the trial is done the 5G will be available in every City.

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Jio 5G welcome offer:

Jio always provides lots of offers to Jio users. In that way, Jio has started the 5G network-based trial with the welcome offer. Of course, Jio already provide Jio 4G welcome offer when they launched the Jio 4G network. Same this, the Jio users who enjoy the Jio 5G welcome offer with 5G testing enabled will get unlimited internet at 1gbps speed.

How can use a 5G data trial?

We already mentioned Jio 5G beta trial is use the info countries in New Delhi Mumbai Kolkata and Varanasi. All 5G handsets can effectively use Jio’s actual 5G services.5G devices alone do not enable you to use Jio 5G service because an OTT update is required to access the 5G network. Once you get an invitation for the beta testing of the 5G network then you are eligible for the Jio 5G welcome offer.

Jio 5G speed test:

The speed test of Jio 5G was performed in force cities. It reached the speed of 1.5 GB download speed during the Indian movie congress held in New Delhi. The upload speed of Jio 5G was 138 Mbps. Sometimes the speed will be broken in the future. It depends on coverage.

Jio 5G

One of the users shared on Twitter, Jio 5GB dot trial the download speed was 1085Mbps and the upload speed was 138mbps. So people will exit to use Jio 5G on their devices.

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Jio 5G plans:

Initially, it is not mandatory to change your current 4G SIM to a 4G SIM as DU has already started that one can use a 5G network on their existing 4G SIM during the beta trial. Jio 5G will give a standalone 5G network that does not depends on the 4 G network. In the future, the smartphone comes with 5G enabled. Once you get the 5G handset then you will be able to accept the 5G network.

The smartphone or Tablet that is 5G enabled will automatically start showing the 5G network once it is available in your area. So you need to buy a 5G-enabled handset. The plan rates of 5G have not been announced yet. So keep in touch with us we will update it once they officially launch the plans update. We excepted that Jio will start 500 to 600 per month for 5G services. You can expect affordable prices for your 5G users on the Jio network.

How different Will 5G be from 4G?

The 5G network is an improvement over the 4G network. It provides a very high-speed internet connection compared to 4G. For example, the 4G network download speed is 47 Mbps means the 5G provides 420 Mbps. 5G network also increases the upload speed.


Jio 5G is to promise to be 100 times faster than 4G. The speed is very good at the trials but it will be interesting to how it will perform when 5G will be available to everyone in the country. I hope This article is very helpful to get Useful information about Jio 5G network. If you still have any queries regarding Jio 5G network then feel free to ask us using the comment box section. Keep in touch with us for more updates and followers on social media platforms. Cheers!