How to Fix 0x0000005 Error on Windows? Find here!

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Fix Error 0x0000005: Hi everyone, are you facing a Windows installation error or violation error like code 0x0000005? Don’t worry, this is not a new error and also it is common among Windows users. Yes, this error has appeared for various reasons on different Windows operating systems.

While installing the Windows operating system on your PC then you can see this error code 0x0000005. People don’t know why it is happening. This error code may be occurred due to low RAM, malware infection, corrupted registry files, and many more.

So don’t worry about these types of errors. Here in this tutorial, we will provide some useful guide that helps to fix this issue. As mentioned earlier, this error may have occurred in different scenarios like Windows installation errors or access violation errors, and many more.

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So keep reading this complete tutorial and you will get tips and tricks to fix this issue. You can find different methods to fix this issue in the internet market but here we provide the very easiest method. Our technical team already tested this method and it works very well to fix this issue.

What is the reason for this error 0x0000005?

As I mentioned earlier, there are several reasons for to happen this error for you. Don’t worry about this error code that has occurred on your Windows. Due to some third-party antivirus programs in your Windows, it may occur.

Fix 0x0000005 Error
Fix 0x0000005 Error

Some antivirus programs may trigger applications on your Windows. when Your Windows system registry files it maybe occur. If your system is infected by a virus or Malware then this error code will occur.

So now you need to fix this error right. It is a very simple process to fix this error on your Windows. Just follow this simple method to fix this error.

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Step to fix error 0x0000005:

Fix registry:

This error code is very common and it may occur when issues on your registry file. Yes, if your registry file is corrupted then you will see this error code on your Windows.

Fix 0x0000005 Error
Fix 0x0000005 Error

If you have a backup of Your registry file then you can easily fix this issue. Yes, you can simply restore your backup registry file on your Windows and easily fix this issue. But make sure modifying the registry file is not accepted to fix this issue. Just follow the below simple steps to fix this issue once you have a backup of the registry file.

  • Just press the Win+R button to open the run dialogue box.
  • Now you need to enter Regedit.
  • Just do this below settings HKLM\LOCAL\KEY_MACHINE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\AppInit_Dlls
  • Now you need to double-click on LoadAppInit_DLLs and modify the value from 1 to 10.
Fix 0x0000005 Error
Fix 0x0000005 Error
  • Just enter the ok button to confirm changes.
  • Now you need to close the registry editor file and restart your system.
  • That’s it.

Run SFC for system file checker:

It is another method to fix this error. Just follow the below simple steps to fix this issue and run the SFC.

  • Press the Win+R keys.
  • Type in CMD
  • Type in SFC/ scan now and click the enter button.
Fix 0x0000005 Error
Fix 0x0000005 Error
  • Once the scan process is finished it will automatically delete the corrupted registry file and system files from your Windows.
  • That’s it. Just restart your system and you can easily solve this issue.

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Turn off data execution prevention:

This type of solving method is a system’s built-in memory execution feature. Yes, it prevents the system from getting damaged by Malware and viruses. If you install some programs hot not capable of your system and it may be getting occur an error code of 0x0000005. So you need to fix this issue.

  • Before going through this step make sure you are signed in Windows admin.
  • You need to press the Win+R key.
  • Type as sysdm.cpl and click the enter key.
  • Now you need to go over the advanced tab and select the setting option.
  • Now you can see the data exhibition protection tab and click the option to turn on DEP.
  • No just add a button and browse all .exe files.
  • Click ok and restart your system.
  • That’s it.

Update your disk drivers:

If your system drivers or outdated then it will happen to some others. So it is very important to update your system drivers regularly and also it is a very good thing to keep it your system up to date.

You can easily update your system driver just follow the settings like go to device manager -> disk drives -> right-click on the program -> choose update driver – and update your system driver. That’s it.

This is how you can fix this error of 0x0000005. I hope this article very helps to solve this issue of 0x0000005. If you have any queries regarding the 0x0000005 error fix on Windows then you can ask with queries in the comment box section.