How to Install and Use Bitdefender VPN on Firestick

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Bitdefender VPN for Firestick: If you have not already purchased a VPN for streaming with Firestick then you want to make sure to choose the best app called Bitdefender VPN. Once you installed this App on your streaming device you don’t want your streaming service to be interrupted by buffering.

Of course, there are different VPN services available in the internet market. So it is a very difficult task to find the best one.  Out of the dozens of VPN services we tested Bitdefender VPN is one of the fastest, scorings highly for privacy protection, and works with all trimming devices. That’s why we recommended this virtual private network.

By encrypting all of your internet traffic and rooting it through an intermediate server in the location of your choice the virtual private network is the best choice for you. It easily hides your IP address and you are located in another country. With the help of this feature, it is possible to watch geo-locked content on streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, HBO, and many more.

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Here in this particular tutorial, I am going to guide you to download and install Bitdefender VPN for Firestick. You can simply read this tutorial and install the Bitdefender VPN app on your Amazon Fire TV and Firestick devices. Our Technical Team already tested this method on it works very well.

What is Bitdefender VPN?

Bitdefender VPN is one of the most popular and top anti-virus software providers with various bundles of packages. It provides the fastest and most secure VPN Service for its users. This VPN uses Catapult Hydra VPN protocol and AES-256 encryption standards for high security.

Using this VPN you can stream all your favorite streaming services without any restrictions or interruption. Along with anti-virus Bitdefender VPN also provides anti-virus features to secure your information from hackers. Once you have Bitdefender VPN on Firestick then it will help you protect your IP while streaming and Bypass the restricted media content.

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Benefits of Bitdefender VPN for Firestick:

Bitdefender VPN comes with lots of advanced features. Here we listed the best features offered by Bitdefender VPN.

  • Bitdefender VPN is an excellent VPN Service that provides complete security by encrypting all your internet traffic.
  • Like other VPN services, Bitdefender VPN also helps you unblock the restricted websites and blocked apps in your region.
  • It is one of the best platforms that lets you unblock Netflix US content from anywhere in the world.
  • Bitdefender VPN is a free virtual private network with 4000+ server locations in 49+ countries worldwide.
  • It is available in both free and premium versions. The price of Bitdefender VPN is very less compared to other VPN services.
  • It does not log or store the user’s data. Bitdefender VPN is very simple and user-friendly.
  • This VPN provides masks your IP address and provides military-grade security to the users.
  • It also has 24/7 Live Customer chat support.
  • Bitdefender VPN provides unlimited traffic protection for 10 devices with a single plan.

These are the best features of Bitdefender VPN for Firestick. So without any hesitation install this app on your device.

How to install Bitdefender VPN on Firestick?

There are different methods available in the internet market that help to install this app on your Firestick. Here we provide a very simple method that helps to run Bitdefender VPN on Firestick.

Step 1: 

First, turn on your Amazon Firestick and navigate to the Find tab.

Step 2: 

Now you need to type Downloader on the search bar and install it.

Step 3:

Complete the installation process, Go back to the Firestick settings and click My Fire TV.

Step 4:

Select the developer option and tap the option to install unknown apps then Enable the Downloader App.

Step 5:

Tap the URL box and enter the Bitdefender VPN APK link then Select the Go button and wait for the APK file to download.

Step 6:

Once you complete the download process just click on the install button.

That’s it. Bitdefender VPN is installed on your Firestick.

How to use Bitdefender VPN on Firestick?

Once you complete the installation process of Bitdefender VPN on Firestick then just open the app.

  • Now you need to select the sign-in button and enter your Google credentials.
  • After signing in choose any server location based on your need.
  • With a single click, it will connect and activate the VPN.
  • Now you can browse or stream content without any interruption.

Best alternatives for Bitdefender VPN:

There are varieties of virtual private networks available in the internet market. Here we listed the most popular ones.

iVacy VPN

Power VPN

VPN Master

VPN 360


1. Is Bitdefender VPN free?

Bitdefender VPN is available in both free and premium versions. The price of Bitdefender VPN is very less compared to other VPN services.

1-year plan- $29.99/year

1-month plan- $6.99/month

2. Can I install Bitdefender VPN from the Amazon app store?

No, Bitdefender VPN is not available in the Amazon app store.

3. How can I get Bitdefender VPN on Firestick?

You can access the Bitdefender VPN app on Firestick using Downloader or ES File Explorer.


I hope this article helps to install Bitdefender VPN for Firestick. If you have any queries regarding this article feel free to ask us using the comment box section. Keep in touch with us for more tech updates.